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We have experienced quite a bit of change at f/32 in the last 60 days, all of it so exciting! One of the latest things that may seem small to most is a dream come true for us. We have our very own display window facing Montvue road (that road that runs between West Town Mall and our shopping center). We have never had any road side signage of any kind, so we are pretty happy about this change of events.

So, if you are driving by, be sure to safely glance in our direction and check out our window! We aren’t up to Macy’s standards yet by any means, but for our first window display, I thought it turned out pretty well. More exciting and elaborate ones to come in the future I’m sure:) But for now, we just want this one to say who we are and what we do, or at least give folks a reason to stop in because they are intrigued:)
IMG_3162 Stay tuned for progress updates on more exciting changes at f/32!  And don’t forget to print…it is the best way to archive:)