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This week’s Pro Print winner is Jeff Snyder of Living Image Studio. Recently Jeff took a trip to Yellowstone and this image is one of the images he was able to capture while there! I wanted him to be able to share the story so here is what Jeff had to say…..

“On the last day of a three day visit to Yellowstone National Park, it rained most of the day; therefore, we stayed in the car and just road around. Having decided to just call it a day and head back to the hotel, we pulled over one last time hoping to see more wildlife before the sun went behind the hills. Down the road there were a few cars pulling over to photograph elk in the field. While looking at the elk I saw an eagle sitting in a nest just behind the elk. Now I could check off my list one eagle. The nest was a ways off. So, I headed across the field to the stream and started walking toward the nest. As I got closer to the nest I was also getting closer to the elk. Not wanting to spook the elk, I got out my 70-200 and started photographing the eagle. With the nest being backlit, along with the rain, it had a cool look to it. As I finished shooting the eagle, the rain stopped and the sun came out, making it too bright to shoot the nest. So I turned around to head back to the car. When I turned the valley was bathed in that beautiful light that comes at the end of the day and a dual rainbow hung in the sky before me. After a WOW and a quick thank you prayer to God, I got out my wide angle and started shooting like mad! After fifteen minutes it was gone. Because of this I have learned to always keep your camera with you when enjoying God’s handy work!”

Congratulations Jeff! We love the image!